Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hurricane Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Image #411

4 by 6 inches Graphite on Paper
by LindaLMartin
Original $60.00
In-house 11 by 8.5 inches Signed Prints $35.00 each

Just a little about Hurricane:

I painted him during hurricane season last year when a huge nor-easter was baring down on the Mid-Atlantic states. Some who it just seemed fitting. This beautiful Sandy Red Dun stallion is free of any white marks and a very good band stallion at keeping his mares fit and healthy. This spring he surprised everyone by showing off two beautiful Dun foals from his two gray mares.These two are identical to their band stallion/dad. I haven't been able to confirm the gender yet of the two foals how ever they are the spitting image of Hurricane.I will try to draw them later on this week.

Keep this in mind though alot of these mares are exchanged year to year and so their foals are by different sires. Even with those mares that stay consistently with one stallion year after year we can only be 90% sure that the band stallion the mares are with is the sire of their foals unless there is DNA testing. This is one way creation keeps genetic viability. There are a few that we suspect manage to not participate in mare swapping on SWB. Since 2010 Eagle has been consistently with one mare. Corona has been consistently with the same group of mares, and Picasso even though down to one mare has been consistently with that mare.

Special Thanks to John Wagner for the reference photography.

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