Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Challenge Painting #239 Happy Mustang: Shyanne

 Tina Aguirre's Shyanne

5 by 7 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

In Tina's words:

"I think Shyanne's story is far to often the norm when we talk about adopted mustangs. Her original adopter kept her for the required year without doing a whole lot with her, then gave her a a friend who also found she was going to be too much work. she was then traded to a horse dealer who started her training and placed her up for sale which is where I came into Shyanne's life.

Shyanne was captured as a yearling from the Adobe Town HMA in Wyoming, and was nearing a 5 yr old when I purchased her in September of 2006.  Having been riding since I was very young, having owned horses before I thought I knew enough to train this feisty mare, but she quickly schooled me on how much I did not know, and I had to admit I needed help.

Shyanne has been to three different trainers and still came back to me extremely green and still with some attitude problems. But with the help of some better riders, and younger riders who bounce better then my old bones, Shyanne has finally reached the point of accepting her job and discovering what she likes best which is being outside on the trails. She will work in the arena but you can tell she isn't totally pleased with the idea as she will often longingly look outside the windows as if to say "Are you sure you don't want to go ride out there?" 
The young ladies riding Shyanne with me love her to death and she is developing into a really nice horse and I couldn't be happier. Our journey has been a long one getting to this point, and where most people would of simply given up on her, I  have refused. There was just something inside of her that I knew I had to keep trying, and today I am so glad that I have kept trying with her."

Tina is with the Michigan Mustengo's Chapter of the American Mustang and Burro Association Inc. A 501c3 non-profit organization. The AMBA offers the oldest National Registry for the Mustangs, half mustangs and burros. You can connect through their web page:


  1. I am so honored to have shyanne included in your mustang a day challenge Linda. what a wonderful job you have done with her!!

  2. You are so very welcome. Im very happy that you like the painting. =0)