Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mustang A Day Guest Artist: Sue Kroll

Guest Artist Sue Kroll: 
Specializing in painting Donkeys and Mules.
In her own words:

When I started to paint as a 'career' rather than just as wall decorations for my relatives, I tried many subjects.  But I seem to have found my niche in Mules and Donkeys (or Burros as they are sometimes called). 

I dont know why, but they seem to have a certain attraction for me.  Maybe its because everyone wants to paint the wild mustangs to get the message out about their plight and the wild donkeys and wild mules seem to be left out. 

Yes, there are wild mules!  Although I have never seen one, I have heard about them alongside their mamas in a mustang herd.

 Mules and donkeys are very surefooted, thus their use in packing and precarious situations such as taking tourists down and up the Grand Canyon.  Donkeys can be 'tamed' when taken from the wild, but it seems that mules usually cannot.  Just something about being brought up in the wild makes them want to stay that way.

My interest has taken me to paint 'A Mule A Day' where I have done over 100 mules and donkeys in acrylics and pen and ink.  I have tried to capture their quirks and many different personalities.  Some of the paintings are of wild donkeys, but all the mules are domestics.  I sure wish I could see a wild one in person!

I usually paint in Acrylics, but recently I have been trying my hand in scratchboard art.  I think I love this medium!  My latest one is a mule in harness and I hope to have it finished soon.  Come by my site and take a look around.  All my 'A Mule A Day's are there as well as my new scratch art.

BTW, I am Sue Kroll, Western Artist,
and my site is  Come by and take a look!

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