Friday, December 2, 2011

Challenge Painting #231 Memorial to Sundance

 Sundance Of the Steens: A Memorial Painting Celebrating the Life of an Amazing Stallion
A Life Well Lived
8 by 10 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

A few weeks ago A very popular South Steens HMA band stallion known as Sundance was humanely euthanized by a BLM employee as a result of the vigilance of the  volunteer photographers who follow the horses and keep track of their families and their movements.  Sometimes because of the vast range the horses run on its not possible to  assess the condition of every horse and make sure  that if they are in trouble such as Sundance was, that they dont have to suffer especially going into winter. This is one of the reasons I try when ever possible to support these photographers and their efforts at documentation. They are invaluable in the preservation of our national treasure the Wild Horses of America.

I admit I took a bit of Artistic license with the painting but I hope that  I was able to capture the Spirit of this great band stallion as he was before he lost his battle with age and the harsh realities of the range.
Photo of Sundance by Maggie J Rothauge. Used by permission
Thank you to  all those  involved with  finding and keeping track of this horse to help the BLM do thier job efficently and humanely. And thank you to Maggie J Rothauge who named and followed this mighty stallion and captured him time and time again in her photography.The sale of this painting will benefit her efforts on behalf of the Horses of the Steens.

To see more of Maggie's wonderful work and more photos of Sundance and his band of mares you can Visit Maggie's page on Facebook: Oregon's Wild Side


  1. Thank you Linda, you did a great job of capturing the essence of Sundance! He has been and will continue to be missed on that hillside! What fantastic work you do for the mustang, once again I thank you.

    Maggie J. Rothauge

  2. You are very welcome Maggie. It is a pleasure working with you on this. Thank you for all your hard work and for being part of the solution. ~Linda