Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mustang A Day Challenge Painting # 305 Filly #9362

#9362 Ready for adoption
5by5 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist
Filly  #9362 is part of the Eastern States Internet Adoption that started April 11th and will end on April 25th. 
 All bidders must be approved before they are able to bid on the available horses and burros. You can fined information about this filly and 7 other yearlings and how to qualify to adopt through the BLM sight:

Here is the information as provided by the BLM.:

#9362 Ready for Adoption
Photo courtesy of the BLM

Sex: Filly 
Age: 1 Years   Height (in hands):
Necktag #: 9362 
Date Captured: 10/10/11
Color: Pinto  
Captured: Green Mountain (WY)

#9362 - 1 yr old pinto filly, captured Oct 2011 from Green Mountain HMA, Wyoming.

TRAINING UPDATE: This paint filly is super easy going and very inquisitive. She never even broke a sweat on her first day and found out that being scratched and hand fed is a pretty good thing. She will willingly come into the barn for feed, and enjoys attention. She started leading on her first day and progresses rapidly in her training. She has nice long legs and is going to be a bigger horse. Her conformation is good with a lever top line, deep girth, and round hind quarters. I believe this horse could jump a 4ft fence if she wanted too. Super little filly!

#9362 Ready for Adoption
Photo courtesy of the BLM
This horse is in training at the Mantle Ranch. For more information, email Steve Mantle at: or call 307-322-5799 evenings.

Video of some of the Internet horses can be viewed at:

Pick up options (by appt): Mantle Ranch, WY; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS.

Other pick up options: Rutland, VT (6/15); Unadilla, GA (6/23).
The opening bid is $125.00          You must be approved to bid.


#9362 Ready for Adoption
Photo courtesy of the BLM
This is your opportunity to own an amazing piece of living US History.  Personally I think She is a very cute girl . She has a lot of potential for the person wanting to take on a gentling and training project for the summer.

If you are interested and have never adopted I suggest two things: 1) read the requirements and then 2) locate a Tip Trainer near you to guide your through the process and the training.

Tip Trainers can be found through  the Mustang Heritage Foundation:
Requirements and available horses can be found on line at the BLM On-line Adoptions site.

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