Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Snowman" Band Stallion Sand Wash Basin HMA Mustang A Day Challenge #40

Band Stallion Sand Wash Basin HMA
oil on gessoed canvas
4.5 by 5 inches
by Linda L Martin
Photo reference by Nancy Roberts
Used by permission
Detail of  Nancy's Photo
Snowman is one of two gray band stallions
on Sand Wash Basin HMA that has no
Muzzle markings in pink. 
But he does have some fairly prevalent scaring
from fights on his neck and withers. 
He also has a shorter mane  which falls to the right
and wispy tail. Again these are not
permanent changes to his appearance. Close observation
 on a regular basis will allow horse watchers
to document changes to his appearance,
including the length of his hair, his preference
 for mares, and which mares he currently has.

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