Tuesday, August 21, 2012

General Sanctuary Mustang At Black Hills: Mustang A Day Challenge Painting # 329

"General, Home At Last"
9 by 6 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist
Signed Prints: $35 each
The very first photo of General I had seen showed him in a 400ft by 400 ft steel piped enclosure. He was practically up to his knees in mud. I was told later that he had been kept in this pen for nearly 10 years.

During that time he was fed regularly with good hay and given fresh water daily. But he had never had any training and was a stallion. He had never been groomed. He did not have a sheltered place to come in out of the rain or snow. In all that time his feet had not even been trimmed. And he had never so much as been able to run free in a pasture since his capture.

His vigor, vitality and the fortitude allowed him to have a good attitude inspite of his circumstances, as well as his ability to adapt certainly must have come from  his wild horse heritage. This was the place that rescued him. I cant imagine what they rescued him from.

Today this beautiful mustang now resides at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota. He is one, of a number of  mustangs from Delaware that included Spirit, who, thanks to a large number of people through out the country, found their home at the Wild Horse Sanctuary begun by Dayton O.Hyde. A portion of the sale price  of the original and the prints will be donated in General's name to the Sanctuary for the on going  care of these horses. Contact the Artist for more information on how to buy at info@llmartin.com Thank you for being a part of the Solution.

To read more about  the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary  see their  web page: http://www.wildmustangs.com/

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