Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mustang A Day Challenge Painting # 324 Vegas Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA

Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA
8 by 10 inches Watercolor
by Artist Linda L Martin
Signed in house Prints of this Painting are available for $35.00 each
Plus Shipping and Handling.
email: for information and combined shipping.

 Just a few notes on this beautiful fellow. Vegas had a small herd of one mare, her yearling colt and her foal in 2008 just prior to the last round up on the Sand Wash Basin HMA(SWB). The BLM took All three of them into captivity for adoption and released Vegas back on to the range. 

Olga and PJ 
Mustang A Day Challenge Painting #104
 Last year, according to the horse watchers on the Sand Wash Basin and their documentation, Vegas stoled the mare Olga From Picasso  with her late 2010 foal PJ (aka Picasso Junior) Vegas now has two mares , Two coming 2 year olds and two foals this year. The Awesome thing is how  Vegas has taken PJ and made him his favorite. Hardly any photos coming out of SWB this summer don't have a shot of Vegas and PJ together. This Band Stallion is amazing!

An update on Vegas' 2008  mare and foals. I havent heard where the mare and yearling ended up but the foal was adopted by one of my very favorite Sand Wash Basin Photo-documenters, Nancy Roberts. Earlier this Summer she had the opportunity to ride her special boy for the first time back on his home range.

Would you like to follow the Sand Wash Basin Herd? The new club has been formed. You can be a part of the action by donating, volunteering to help clean up the range, naming a foal, sponsoring a horse and even going out to photograph.

  On Line? Here is what you can do:
Join the club!  http://
Follow the herd on the blog:
Interact with photographers and other club members at the Facebook page:
Special thanks to John Wagner for the awesome reference shots for this and all the horses in the series of Sand Wash Basin paintings for this Summer.   Please check out his awesome photos on the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Club page on Facebook.

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