Thursday, February 7, 2013

Challenge Painting #378 Working Mustang Bridleless Demonstraition Horse Sadie

Bridleless Demonstraition
Marrietta Roby's Mare Sadie from Beatys Butte, Oregon
5.5 by 8.5 inches  Graphite on #110 Paper
Original $50.00
Sadie is a 2000 mare from Beatys Butte, Oregon.  She was mishandled by her first adopter and became aggressive as a way of self preservation.  Marietta Roby was approached by  professional trainer. The trainer told Marietta that Sadie was she was dangerous (true), and untrainable (NOT true). Because the mare was considered untrainable and there were many wild horses that could be trained, Sadie was returned to BLM.

Marietta decided to take the pretty sorrel mare and find a suitable new home for her. Marietta was concerned about the mare because she was due to be sold as a wholesale lot because of her age and her untrainable status.  Marietta said that she and the mare bonded quickly and deeply, "She is the most awesome horse!" 

These days Marietta uses the mare on the ranch to help work with young untrained mustangs. Sadie is also a demonstration horse who works with Marietta in bridleless flag presentations. The mare that was untrainable and dangerous works bridleless, is a very useful working mustang, and has a become a wonderful working partner and companion with Mariette.

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