Friday, July 25, 2014

The Trio: Wild Stallions from Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting 450

"The Trio" depicts Iconic stallion Picasso of Sand Wash Basin playing  with the Bachelor Stallions Bobby ( a son of Corona) and River( born into Warrior's Band).  This painting was inspired by a photograph of John Wagner.  It turned out to be some what prophetic.  Picasso spent a lot of time  playing with the bachelors in March. By July Bobby had assumed the leadership of Picasso's entire harem. This included His long time lead mare Mingo and Her 2013 foal Rambo as well as three young mares that walked away from their bands and joined Picasso last Summer.

"The Trio"
Picasso, River and Bobby
Of Sand Wash Basin HMA
8 by 10 inches Watercolor
Prints  Pre -Release Order contact before  Aug 1. 2014
Signed Limited Editon in-house Prints  $30 plus S&H Available on 8/1/2014
Unsigned Prints go on sale on Fine Art America 8/1/2014
Several days after Bobby took over the mares, Mingo's 2014 foal by Picasso was born. She was named     by the Photographers. There was some concern that Bobby might kill the foal. That is generally unusual among wild horses unless there is some thing drastically wrong with the new  born. Generally when a stallion assumes the roll as protector of the herd  any new foals that come with the mares he accepts and any newborns that are born after the takes over he views as his off spring.

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Unsigned Prints will be available on  August 1, 2014 on Fine Art America

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