Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Mustang: Gus Painting # 345

4by 6 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Gail, Gus's owner adopted the sorrel mustang from the BLM when the horse was 2 and her son Colter was 9. The mustang was Colter's Christmas present.

In Gail's words: "It was sort of funny, because I wrapped up that folder you get from the BLM with horse care info, the tag etc. Colter opened it and looked at it for a second, but didn't really know what is was, he politely said thank you, and put it down.

A while later he looked at it again and asked what it was. I told him just some stuff about wild horses. And I told him to go out to the barn to get me a bridle. He walked out there and I followed. When he saw Gus with the drag line, he froze. Then turned around and looked at me and started yelling! So funny!

Anyway, he of course started messing with the colt right away, and it took him about a week before he could get up to him. Gus has a pretty high flight instinct (still) and I think it was great that a little person got him. I ended up helping Colter a lot with the ground work, and within about 6 months he was riding him. Colter did all of the in saddle training himself. He got bucked off many times.

11 years later they are still a great team. Colter is away to Texas, for college now, but when he comes back in the summer to work at the pack station, he and Gus are a great pair. The horse is a little machine on trails."

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