Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Mustang: Just a Little Patience 2001 South Steens HMA. HMA Painting # 344

"Just a Little Patience"
South Steens HMA
Occupation: Dressage
4 by 6 inches Original Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist
Today's Happy Mustang is Patience. She is about 11 years old. Patients was captured at South Steens HMA in Washington State. This beautiful mare has it all over most warm bloods in temperament and athletic ability. She is currently in training with her owner Kendra Kimbirauskas as a dressage horse. I will let her photos tell the rest of the story. The US Dressage Federation is located in my part of the country and Ive seen some amazing warm blood dressage horses. This mare just has all sorts of potential. Good luck Kendra and Patience, a very happy Mustang team.

Kendra riding her mustang, Patience, in a dressage test.
Photo provided by Kendra Kimbirauskas used by permission

Kendra and Patience in training.
 Photo provided by Kendra Kimbirauskas used by permission

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