Thursday, August 11, 2011

Challenge Painting #167 : Kiger Mares 2011 Kiger- Riddle Mountain round-up

"Kiger Mares"
4 by 6 inches  Watercolor on  Embossed Paper
by LindaLMartinArtist

JoAnna Lamb kindly has let me use some of the images she took at the Burns Holding Facility near Hines, Oregon  a few Weeks ago for the Kiger and Riddle Mountain round ups. Tonights  Paintings is from a shot she took of  barren mares that were gathered. They were gathered because they had no foals. One of the mares was  a gray mare with a huge square scar on her near(left) side rump almost near the top of her leg.

Mare had a large Green "G" written on her rump using live stock crayon  for some designation that no one is sure of. The mare's injury seems to be old and completely healed and she was walking sound.  These horses will be vetted and prepped for the Kiger Fest in Oregon to be held in Early October. At which time they will be offered for adoption.

A special Thanks to JoAnna for the use of the reference photos and the information on the holding facility.

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