Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenge Painting #179: Hurricane of Sand Wash Basin HMA

"Hurricane of Sand Wash Basin"
6 by 9 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Hurricane of Sand Wash Basin HMA
I took a lot of liberties with this painting of Hurricane. But really it was too cool of an opportunity to pass. With  Hurricane Irene baring down on Virginia this weekend it just seemed an appropriate time to do his painting. There is no specific painting that I copied of  Hurricane (the horse) But I did look at a wonderful peaceful photo of Hurricane by Nancy Roberts to check his colors and markings.

This is a work with a lot of artist license in it and it turned out exactly as I envisioned it. So I will gladly donate a portion of the sale of this painting to Nancy's tireless efforts along with many others to document all the horses in  the Sand Wash Basin HMA. Please consider its purchase. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to see more of the horses of the Sand Wash Basin, including the photo of bachelor stallion Hurricane, please link in at Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses Page on Facebook:!/pages/Sand-Wash-Basin-Wild-Horses/101181969939406

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