Thursday, August 4, 2011

Challenge Painting #162 : Fresh off the Truck Kiger-Riddle Mountain Round-ups 2011

"Fresh off the Trailer"
4 by 6 inch Watercolor on embossed paper
by LindaLMartin Artist

This is the first of the series of paintings from Joanna Lamb's visit to the Holding Facility in Hines, Oregon during the Kiger and Riddle Mountain Round-ups of 2011. The roundups are held every 3 to 5 years to cull surplus horses off the Horse Management Areas and to remove horses that are domestic strays as well a to reduce the populations. According to the management authorities, reducing the populations of the wild horse herds helps to protect range environments and keeps the wild horses left on the range healthy.

Kigers and Riddle Mountain horses tend to be solid primitive colors with small spots of white on either their faces( usually a star) or their legs(usually socks not above the ankle). The most predominate colors are bay, grulla, and dun. There are also blacks and to my surprise grays. There are lots of arguments that these horses are some of the most pure in Spanish blood because of their remote locations. Others say that these horses were managed for color to make them more adoptable. 

They do have a distinct look that goes beyond the primitive coloring they have been cultivated toward.  Such a distinct look that some "horse collectors" decided to adopt them and start breeding programs using stallions and mares that were originally rounded up as wild.  The idea was to draw on their suspected historic significance while making them into a publicly special horse and hopefully build a market that would help adopt more and eventually make them successful to breed and train.

After training these domestic "Kigers" do have a certain ability to excel in several disciplines of riding including dressage, combined training and competitive trail riding. In addition they have been used successfully in all phases of farm/ranch work and horse show  competitions.

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