Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Challenge Painting #182: Diamond in the Rough of Salt Wells HMA in Wyoming

 Karen Strawbridge's Wyoming's Diamond in the Rough.
5 by 5 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Karen and Bobby Strawbridge of  Tennessee have adopted a number of Mustangs and even a BLM Burro in their life time. 

In Karen's own words.
"This grey mare is our BLM mare from Salt Wells HMA Wyoming.
Diamond the first day home.
We named her Wyoming's Diamond in the Ruff. Her number is #1666. She had cuts and knots on her legs and hip bone, from the other horses beating her up. I just couldn't leave her there. So I sent the hubby home for the trailer. He thought and others I was NUTS. She was just scared silly. "God don't make bad horses.....just bad owners or situations make bad horses.
Diamond Today

The first photo of Diamond is the day we brought her home. I just could not leave her in the holding pen. The Second photo is of her now. Can you tell that she is a HAPPY MUSTANG. She has turned in to a real sweetheart! We Love her, we all do! "
...... K

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