Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Challenge Painting #212 Scott Litherland's Dusty a Working Mustang

Dusty and Scott Litherland:
Monday October 17th painting

"Hide and Seek"
Scott Litherland and Dusty
5 by 7 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Scott Litherland almost has a horse lover's dream in working with the 135 horses, burros and mules at Alder Hill Farm Rescue.  It is an amazing Labor of Love to to save, rehabilitate and sustain so many equines. Scott's passion for the animals sustains and drives him. It also helps to have found a suitable work horse. Dusty was originally one of the rescue mustangs. Even though he is a bit smaller than Scott usually uses in a "ranch" type horse, Dusty is a game worker and enjoys helping to wrangle the 50 plus premarin babies  and other horses in residence on the two Alder Hill Farm Rescue sites.

About Dusty in Scott's own words:

"Now a bit of info on my boy Dusty...he is a 96 model chestnut mustang from HMA #CA0243 New Raven Dale CA..he was captured December 14, 2000 as a 4 year old..he was shipped to Litchfield holding pens til approx 3 months later  then on to AWY holding facility...where he sat idle til his friendly attitude got him shipped to Canon City CO at the prison training where he was placed under saddle...

After completing his training he went to his first adoption event in Cross Plains TN where a person in GA adopted him....fast forward til Id say 2009 when Christine with her own small private rescue saved his butt... In the early part of this year he ended up in my hands!!! HE WILL REMAIN WITH ME TILL ONE OF US DIES!!!WHICH ON BOTH OF OUR BEHALF WE HOPE TO BE A LONG LONG TIME FROM NOW!! And as  you stated, he isnt quite the size I like to work from...but his heart and strength in the desire for a chase makes him a 16 hand gelding in both our minds!!"

The premarin babies, mostly all Appaloosas, are now 4 year olds. They are now grown up enough to begin their natural training education under Scott's direction. Dusty, with his early life as part of a wild herd, understands how to firmly deal with some what wayward young horses and thrives on the team work with Scott as his lead partner,  when it comes to rounding up the "babies" or moving them from pasture to pasture. 

To read more about Alder Hill Farm Rescue and their current projects or for adoption information go to www.AlderHillFarm.org. or subscribe on facebook to: https://www.facebook.com/alderhillfarm

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