Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenge Painting #207 Lona Patton's Iktomi, rescued mustang in Wymoming

 This painting was completed on October 7th 2011
5 by 5 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
In Lona Patton's own words from her Facebook Album:
"Iktomi, BLM 05827201 (Shaved his neck and wet it, to discover his freezebrand)

Iktomi where he was discovered
abandoned by the Real estate person.
The shelter didn't even have a roof.
On July 8, 2011, I received a phone call from Susan Thomas, wife of the late Craig Thomas. And founder of the Thomas Foundation. She had learned of an abandoned mustang in need, and after calling Reach 4 A Star Therapeutic Riding Academy, was given my name and number to see if I could help.
My daughter & I went to see him and assess the situation, thinking we just needed to know more about him in order to locate a proper Equine Rescue who could take him.
When we got out to where he was though, he had no food or water, nor any available to even give him, he had been abandoned. Upon further investigation, we discovered he was still an intact stallion, of which no rescue we knew of would take.
At my home, I have a BLM approved corral that could hold a stallion, so although we were already at full capacity, we brought him home.
His hooves were long and uncared for, so we got him trimmed, got him inoculated against horse diseases, had him gelded, and my daughter is now working on his training.

This Photo of Lona's daughter and Iktomi  was taken 2 weeks after
Iktomi's rescue. He is truly an amazing horse worthy of his
opportunity to Shine.

He is slowly gaining weight and improving and should make a fantastic saddle horse when his training is complete."

To see all the photos Lona has taken to document his rescue and rehabilitation go to:

Lona  and  Iktomi are trying to win a contest to get him a new blanket for the winter: You can like his picture at this link to vote:!/photo.php?fbid=302476063101442&set=o.137324726286807&type=1&theater  Remember you must "like" the photo for your vote to count. Please help support this effort.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to the care of Iktomi. Thank you Lona and Mariah Patton for the reference and illustration Photography.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise to read this was for me this morning!! You brought tears of gratitude to my heart & eyes Linda!!!
    The mere words "Thank You" just don't begin to cover how I feel right now, there are no words to fully exclaim my gratitude.
    I only budgeted to care for 6, Iktomi makes 7 now, and I've found myself in tears over having to find a home for one of the others in order to keep Iktomi here where we can care for his needs and get him trained so he can have a bright and fulfilling future.

    Perhaps, if it is meant to be, God will see us through and none will have to leave at this time of such economic distress for so many.

    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!
    Iktomi & pasture mates,
    Lona & Mariah