Thursday, October 13, 2011

Challenge Painting #210 Smoke - Apache Mustang

Karin Hauenstein is an advid trail-rider, only when she rides the trails she goes out for 2 or more months at a time and generally brings all her provisions on the backs of 2 or 3 pack animals. While on one of these trips and visiting a National Park in Arizona she came upon this beautiful light buckskin bachelor stallion.
5 by 5 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Photo Reference provided by Karin Hauenstein

Here is the story in her own words:

"Smoke is an "American Mustang" he is a descendant of the Spanish horses of Cortez that were bred by the Apache Indians in the White Mountains of AZ. He came from an area near Heber, AZ in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest very near the ...geographical feature Buckskin Wash on the topo map. He was kicked out to me from a herd of 18 horses, 16 mares and one solid Chestnut Stallion. 6 of the mares in Smoke's herd look exactly the same as him, but they have very defined buckskin to white highlights in their manes and tails. I saw them half a dozen times grazing together within a mile of our camp. I hope they are still there and have multiplied.

Smoke is the sweetest animal I have ever known. He came from such fear of humans to absolutely loving them. Especially children. Horses have such a connection to peoples auras. Children, especially young children have those innocent energies, he is drawn to them. ..  He was extremely calm around everyone, otherwise I would have had him hooked up. Smoke must have met over 100 people last weekend. He loves it and the people got a real treat. "

To read about the adventure and how Smoke came to be Karin's you can read the entire story and see the photography on her facebook page:!/notes/karin-hauenstein/smoke-apache-mustang/234245113260442

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