Thursday, November 14, 2013

Burro Week, Internet Adoption Burro Gelding 5302 Challenge Painting #468

"A Donkey for Christmas"
Burro 5302 is the star of this whimsical painting for my
annual Christmas offering. I can think of no better
thing for an already captured wild burro than to have it
adopted into a loving family where it will be useful,
cherished and never have to suffer abandonment, abuse
  or neglect. Every time a wild burro, wild horse or wild mule
is adopted it keeps the animal from having to go
to a long term holding facility where it might  be forgotten.

There is still time on the current WH&B Internet adoption
for approved adopters to bid and bring home a burro or
wild horse before Thanksgiving. There is still time before
the Christmas rush to work with the burro and connect with it.
For more information on how to be approved for
adoption and how to bid go to:

"A Donkey for Christmas" available as blank note cards and other items at:

Signed limited edition in-house prints are also available.
Please contact for more information.