Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenge Painting #191 Cody Band Stallion of Sand Wash Basin HMA

Cody is one of several Bay roan band stallions on  Sand Wash Basin HMA. 
5 by 5 inches Watercolor
by Artist LindaLMartin

Roan's usually come in three colors Strawberry or Red roan, Bay roan, Blue roan( born black) but can actually be any color even dun or palomino. Roans are not the same color as  grays and not even the same genes.

Here is how you tell the difference: A gray horse will start out solid and by the time it is an adult it will turn almost solid white with very little of its original color still left.  A roan horse, on the other hand, will turn lighter on the  main part of its body, but will stay dark on its head and face, legs and usually its tail and mane.
Although there are sometimes a few lighter hairs that show up in the mane and tail.

Reference Photo of Cody
by Sally E Wright.
Used by Permission

Another unique feature of a roan is that every time there is an injury anywhere on a roan's body and the hair is scraped off, the original color of the horse's hair grows back when the injury is healed.  This is especially interesting when you see band stallions that get into a lot of fights. Sometimes they have so many splotches of color from old injuries they all most look like appaloosa horses. They of course are not.

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