Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Challenge Painting #195 Rescue Little Joe at Alder Hill Farm in Missouri

"Little Joe"
4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Little Joe is one of  three mustang paint crosses that were rescued as foals.  You can find out more about him and his adopt-ability by contacting Alder Hill Farm Rescue  at  http://www.alderhillfarm.org  A portion of the sale of this painting will go to Alder Hill Farm for the up keep of its Sanctuary Mustangs.

Little Joe and some of the herd at Alder Hill Farm  spend some
quality time with head horseman  Scott Litherland.
Alder Hill Farm takes equines of every breed and every color.
Included  in their herd of over 90 horses, are 9 mustangs
and 3 BLM Burros.

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