Thursday, September 22, 2011

Challenge Painting #196 Rescue Cheyenne at Alder Hill Farm in Missouri

Editor's Note: Alder Hill Farm is no longer an active Rescue.

 The Premarin foals: Mustang Paint Cross Cheyenne.
Challenge Painting for Tuesday, September 21, 2011

4 by 6 inch watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

There were four BLM branded mustang mares in the production line in  the North Dakota Premarin Ranch.  All during their pregancy the mares were held in stanchions and their urine was collected to  make the drug Premarin. Premarin was used predominantly as a treatment for menopause in women. Today other drugs can be used with better results. Their foals were the by product of the production.

The mustang mares had been bred to American Paint horses. In addition 55 other foals  had been produced from Pemarin appaloosa mares. All  the offspring were purebred  papered/registered Appaloosas. Drug manufacturers like to use pure bred animals to test their products. All 59 of these foals were at  an auction house waiting to be sold  to use for drug and medical testing.

Cheyenne, a Premarin Mustang-Paint,
has found freedom and safety
at Alder Hill Farm in Missouri.
Photo used by permission.
 That day when Leslie and her husband, Craig Maxwell, found the foals they made a life changing decision. They rescued 59 six-month-old foals. And thus The Alder Hill Farm Rescue was begun. That was in 2004. Today the foals are in various stages of training. The Maxwells and head horseman Scott Litherland are working to train the horses and place them into good homes.

Little Joe from my previous post is one of those three currently available for adoption. A 4th Carmel, has orphan foal syndrome and is permanent sanctuary at Alder Hill farm. You can read Carmel's story in two parts Here: 
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Today's painting is of Cheyenne a beautiful bay pinto from the Premarin  Mustang-paint babies. This horse is available to an approved  experienced horse person. Cheyenne has been trained to halter and some very basic ground work.  She will need the same time and patience as any mustang. To read more about Alder Hill Farm and to see which horses are currently available to adopt go to

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