Friday, September 30, 2011

Challenge Painting#202 Alder Hill Farm's Mustang Brothers from Branson

The Branson Mustangs
Prancer and Spirit
4 by 6 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin Artist

The Branson Brothers are mustangs caught near Branson, Missouri and  are full siblings of  Honey. They were captured as stallions that had never had training of any sort. The three horses had been kept as big yard dogs and had strayed from their home leading people of the community to believe they had been abandoned.  Alder Hill was  called in to capture them. After a few weeks of frustration Alder Hill Discovered that the horses not only had a home but they went back to it each day. After some consideration the authorities decided to that purchase of the horses would be more desirable than seizing the animals and going through a lengthy court battle.Both boys are now geldings and learning manners at Alder Hill Farm.

To read more about Alder Hill Farm and to read about their daily activities you can follow them on facebook.:

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