Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Challenge Painting #200 "Hope For Tomorrow" : 3 Alder Hill Farm Mustangs.

"Hope For Tomorrow"
Rosie, Domino, Brio
5 by 7 inch Wathercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Tonight I Celebrate the 200th Painting in the Mustang A Day Painting Challenge.  While I still have several Mustangs to paint for Alder Hill Farm this time around, I wanted to do something special in this painting tonight. “Hope for Tomorrow” is actually a bit of a fantasy.

Featured are three mustangs that came together as a twist of fate.  Brio the bay mare and Rosie the gray are both started under saddle. Brio is available for adoption to an approved adopter. Rosie has been adopted and her training has continued. These two horses are mares.  The third horse the paint in the background is Domino. Domino came to the farm as a stallion and surrender. He is a permanent sanctuary resident at Alder Hill Farm. His nick name is Dom or the Dominator.

Early on they discovered that even after gelding that Domino would gather mares and fight off geldings. As a result of his behavior they decided to put him in a special paddock with the two mini horses .  He spent the entire winter in with the two bachelors and the three got along fine.

By using the nature of the wild horse and the experiences that Dom had gleaned from his youth on the range, the folks at Alder Hill Farm discovered an interesting use for him. He is a dominant male and as such he knows how to teach other stallions and newly gelded horses how to have respect in a herd situation. Each stage of training includes the advantageous use of herd dynamics in helping the new horses settle down in to the routine of the farm.  For other horses it is part of the healing process to learn how to get along with other horses after having been abused, neglected or simply confined for a portion of their lives.

The likely hood of Dom ever having his own harem again is very remote. He is a challenging riding horse and very use full in helping aggressive or disrespectful geldings learn the ropes of being a horse in a herd. Of the 10 Mustangs in residence at both locations of Alder Hill Farm, Dom is one of the most popular because of his spirit, his personality and his splashy color.

Please do consider purchasing one of the paintings of the Alder Hill Horses to help raise money for the care of these  Special Mustangs. If you would like to know more about Alder Hill Farm or donate directly to them please go to

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