Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Mustang, Kigers!!! Painting #439

"Into The Light"
Adopted Kiger Stallions
6 by 9 inches Watercolors
by LindaLMartin Artist
Limited Edition In House Signed Prints 11 by 8.5 inches Available Via MustangADayChallenge Etsy Store
Unsigned prints Available on Linda Martin's Fine Art America Store
These are beautiful Kiger stallions adopted from Burns Oregon in 2011.

Kigers are one of the most sought after wild horses in America. This herd only originates from the Kiger Mountain and Riddle Mountain HMA Ranges. Kigers are currently the only herd  managed by the BLM that consistently has a 99% adoption rate.

The reason for this high adoption rate  is more than careful management it. It is the careful  dedication of the private sector owners and fans in promoting these beautiful Spanish style mustangs as performance and pleasure horses.

Keep in mind that Kigers are only true Kigers if they were from this range or they are the offspring of both parents that came from either of those two ranges. Thus far Kigers have proven themselves in all forms of competition after adoption including driving, combined training, hunter classes, dressage, reining, competitive trail and endurance, ranch and stock work, gymkhana, 4-H and pleasure. Kiger Mustangs are range specific and usually only come in 6 colors with little or no white markings.  Kigers are growing fast in popularity in Europe and especially Germany where they are valued and bred for show and pleasure.

The most frequent Kiger colors are Dun and Grulla. Other colors are Strawberry or Red Dun, Light Bay with no primative markings, and rarely solid black and gray.

 A special thanks to Photographer and Kiger owner Amanda Wilder for the reference photography and for members of the Kiger groups on Facebook for helping me put together this collection.

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