Monday, May 23, 2011

Dolly, Second Chance Mustang at Alder Hill Farm Rescue challenge painting #115

Note from Blogger: Alder Hill Farm is no longer an active rescue.

Alder Hill Farm's Dolly is a Second Chance titled BLM Mustang.
She is ready to adopt into an approved home.
Horse Rescuer and Head Horseman at Alder Hill Farm Scott Litherland has been in this type of work for over 9 years. He also is an experienced TIP Trainer working with Mustangs.  For him its more than simply doing what is right. Its a heart wrenching sometimes heart breaking task for a man feels the pain and understands the communication of the horses. This passion for horses specifically and animals in general makes him a special asset in the field of Humane activities. And a special gift to the horses of Alder Hill Farm Rescue.

One horse that came with Scott to the Rescue was Dolly. Today Dolly is a 9 year-old  that  has blossomed into a beautiful girl and a complete love bug!  Dolly is the first of the titled BLM branded Mustangs that is being offered for adoption by Alder Hill Farm.  She was captured in California. She is fully saddle trained and should be ridden in a little S hackamore with a very light touch.

"Dolly" in fine form during the winter of 2010 at Alder Hill Farm Rescue.
She is now ready to adopt to an approved home. You can contact Alder Hill Farm
through their web sight
for more information on Dolly and all the Horses of Alder Hill Farm.
Photograph and Reference Photographs provided by Alder Hill Farm
and Scott Litrland used by permission.

When Scott rescued her from a KB auction the pretty mare was severely underweight, very frightened of people. Unfortunately the person who had Dolly had put shoes on her that had almost ruined her normally perfect feet. It took Scott nearly a year to get her feet back to what they should have been. With normal trimming, most mustangs, including Dolly don't need shoes.

Dolly is 15 hands high. She currently weighs 1000 lbs. Her approved adoption fee is $1000. If you would be interested in adopting Dolly, Alder Hill Farm is now taking adoption applications. You can contact them through  their website:

Or through the Alder Hill Farm's Facebook page:!/pages/Alder-Hill-Farm/143615622351535

Information about Dolly was provided by Alder Hill Farm and Scott Litherland through facebook.

Would you like to help out Alder Hill Farm Rescue? 
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