Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Adoption: "Primera" adopted from BLM Colorfest 2010 Challenge Painting #117

Her full name is Paisley la Primera. She is from Paisley Ore HMA. Gathered in Dec 09.Was the first Mustang ever adopted by Deb Moore McGuire.

5 by 7 inch watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Primera wasn't the first horse Deb selected when she and friend Tracey Westbury went to Burns Ore for the BLM Colorfest Adoption Event in February 2010 . The Burns holding location hosts several adoption events a year to try to introduce adoptable mustangs to the general public. Primera was a second choice after the first horse Deb chose had an accident and wasn't available for the delivery date.

photo used by permission and provided by
Deb Moore McGuire.
As it turns out Primera was the 2 year old daughter of Deb's first TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) horse, CP. Deb also brought home a   CP and her new filly, also a grulla pinto. Prior to adopting Primera, Deb had been a quaterhorse breeder for years, before she fell in love with these three Calico HMA Mares. The three horses reside on her farm in Washington. Deb also has one additional mustang mare on the farm as well.

Deb says the mares love to bang on things such as gates, tipped over water tubs and anything that will make a loud noise when they strike at it. Another thing about Primera is that she loves water. Her favorite thing is to play in water tubs.
Help support the Challenge
Have your Horse painted:
The watercolor painting of Primera is a 5 by 7 inch ready to frame. If you would like to have one of these little paintings of your horse here are the prices for May 2011: 
1 horse $45.00
2 horses $65.00  
$3.50 will provided S&H for up to three paintings combined ship of this size.
Client provides Photos and  Story to be included in the Challenge. Proof of Copyright required on photography when requested.

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