Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Night Riders" with Robert and Watson Challenge Painting #106

This week with Watson(Robert Carlson) and Tango (Madeleine LeClerc)  We have a painting of Robert and Watson.

"A Very Useful Horse"
8 by 9 inch watercolor
By Linda LMartin

In an effort to  steadily work toward the Ft Collins Makeover where both horses will be up for adoption. Team R&M Performance Horses Spent some serious time doing a variety of activities under the lights.  Not only did they bring the two Ft Collins horses, they also brought several horses in  different levels of training including one of their new TIP horses and Their Tennesee Extreme Makeover winner Artista.

Photo by Amy Spivey
Used by permission
Because Makeover  events are held underlights in an areana with strange people and horses, its important especially to aclimatized the horses to  noises and lights and of course the shadows that make every thing normal in daylight seem frightening to some horses. Night work become as much play time as it was serious work.

Saddling up
Photo by Amy Spivey
Lighning Bug Creek Photography
Used by Permission

To read more about Robert and Madeleine and their Ft Collins Makeover Horses training for the June event go to their Facebook Page for 2011 CO Mustang Makeover with R&M Performance

The amazing reference photo and the photograhy on this page are provided by Amy Spivey of Lightning Bug Creek Photography. I found out earlier that she is running a photography special for the month of May. Amy is a very special photographer in that she is able to capture the passion and the intimacy in each shot she shares.

Lowering the Head
Photo by Amy Spivey
Lighning Bug Creek Photography
Used by Permission
Please check out her page on facebook for more information about her photo special. She can do event  photos, portraits of children, landscapes and of course horse and animal portraits. As a mom, a horsewoman and a mustang owner she is uniquely qualified to bring her special charm to each photo she takes. And she will gladly accomodate groups.http://www.facebook.com/LBCPhotography

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