Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Adoption: "Cueca" from Coppersmith HMAChallenge Painting #118

Beautiful Bay Filly Trained by Gerry Gesell through the Trainer Incentive Program administered by the Mustang Heritage Foundation

5 by 9 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

Cueca, a bay filly from Coppersmith, CA HMA, was hand-selected by Gerry Gesell for 88 Wild Horses, a wild horse training program developed to promote adoptions and showcase the talent and versatility of these horses. She was one of over a dozen horses selected during the Spring of 2010 which were then started and trained by Gerry until they were adopted into various disciplines in various states. From her energy and presence came the name "Cueca": the cueca is the national dance of Chile.

Cueca was started in Wyoming then moved to South Carolina where Gerry Showcased his string of  TIP horses. There Cueca was picked to become part of a polo string. After a season in South Carolina she was headed to Florida for the winter polo season and more training. This Summer(2011) she is scheduled to play in her first polo tournaments in  New York.

To read more about 88 Wild Horses go to:

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