Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Adoptions Challenge Painting #108 "CP and Dulce"

When Quarter Horse Breeder Deb Moore-McGuire  went to  see some mustangs with Mustang U TIP Trainer Tracey Westbury she didnt expect to come home with a mustang. And she didnt. She came home with three, eventually. 
CP and Dulce'
5 by 7 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist

The Story in her words:
"Tracey and I first saw this palomino mare in Feb of 2010 when we went to Burns Ore for the BLM Colorfest adoption. In a pen of mostly dark or pinto horses the "little" palomino mare with the LONG mane really showed up. With a grulla tobiano 2yr old that stuck to her like glue. We dubbed her "Miss Cranky Pants" because she seemed to always be crabbing at someone getting into her space.

I ended up adopting the shy 2yr old grulla pinto that was her daughter. (how that happened is another whole story)  But the palomino mare with all the mane stuck with me thru the spring and summer. I would see her pictures come up on my computer screen and think about what a nice looking mare she was and ALL that mane. ;o)
Then Tracey Westbury and Maggie Rothauge came home from the corrals the end of August with photos of Miss CP (we shortened her name so it didn't sound so bad) and her 2011 loud overo filly.

I thought it would be fun to have 2 sisters that were so different. Since the filly was not quit ready to wean in Sept. I decided IF I could find someone who wanted to sponsor and adopt CP I would bring the pair home. Since CP had been at the corrals for over a year and was 8yrs old she was allowed to come out in the TIP program.

So off we went the end of Oct to Burns to get them. I adopted the filly whom we named Dulce' (Sweet). Altho when we picked them up Tom kept calling her "Tiger" and informed me I would have my hands full with her. She came around very quickly and is now halterbroke and very friendly.
Dulce' is a silly goose and always looking for something or someone to play with. CP now is very talkative and all three of them (CP. Primera and Dulce') love to bang on things. Gates, tipped over water tubs, or anything that will make noise. I think they are wanna be Mustang "rockstars". And they all love to play in water tubs.

My Friend Lisa has adopted CP altho she will live at my house until she is fully gentled and ridable. Her mane is still amazing long and she is shedding out a pretty dark golden palomino. And the "little" palomino mare is a big stout 15.1hds. Nothing little about her.)"
The reference photography,images and story were provided by Deb Moore McGuire.
All rights reserved.
A portion of the proceeds of this painting go to Mustang U
This post was scheduled for Thursday May 12th. However due to problems with Blogger it was posted on 5/13/011
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The watercolor painting of Dulce and CP is a 5 by 7 inch ready to frame. If you would like to have one of these little paintings of your horse here are the prices for 2014: 
1 horse $75.00
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$5.50 will provided S&H for up to three paintings combined ship of this size.
Client provides Photos and  Story to be included in the Challenge. Proof of Copyright required on photography when requested.

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