Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Fighting Stallions of Sand Wash Basin challenge painting #114

"Meet and Greet"
Cosmo and Davy G  Part 2

"Meet and Greet"
Cosmo and DavyG
8" by 10" Oil on Canvas Board
by LindaLMartinArtist
This particular painting I have shown Davy G with Cosmo. However the reference Photo's from John Wager probably show Brave and Cosmo.

It just shows you how difficult it is to indentify the horses of Sand Wash Basin when three or 4 look very similar. There are several bay stallions with small bands. Chief, Brave, and Davy G. From a distance or standing knee deep in sage and greasewood Its very difficult to tell them apart especially when there a lot of activity going on.

 Brave has white below the fetlocks on both hind feet. Chief has white below the fetlock on one hind foot. Davy G has no white feet. All three have little white stars on their for heads.

Brave and Cosmo Scuffling
Notice Ginger ignoring them while she grazes.
Brave has one additional identifing factor. He has a hernia on his abdomen. It is very pronounced when you see him  in profile. When I was choosing the photography I noticed that  on the bay I thought was Davy G his feet are not shown and one cannot see the hernia because of the angle of the action. Fortunately John had a great collection of shots from many different angles. There is one more aspect of this that one cant over look. That is Ginger, Brave's dun mare.  She is in the photography quietly grazing in the background.

John's Photo of Brave. Cant see his
hernia in this one.
These photo's were taken by John in 2010. One of the first things we discovred in April and May is that Ginger and her 2010 foal Frisk are still with Brave. However in addtion Bear's mare Ellie  and yearling filly, Flirt, are with Brave too.

Sally Wright another Photographer and really good at identifying horses on the Sand Wash Basin had a great affection for the Band Stallion Cosmo. It was Sally that identified him as the one fightingwith Brave.

John's Davy G  
John posted his one in Oct 2010.
He was really chubby
going into the winter.

Reference photo for The paintng.
All photography on this page is by
John Wagner and used by permission.

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