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"Looking to the Future" Challenge Painting #111 Madeliene and Tango

"Looking to the Future"
Madeleine LeClerc and Tango
8 by 10 inch Watercolor
by Linda L Martin
On May 13th 2011 R&M Mustang Program announced that since they started making over Mustangs in 2010, they have helped adopt out 20 Mustangs. On June 13th They will add two more to the list when Tango and Watson are offered for adoption at the Fort Collins Mustang Makeover.
Tonight’s painting is  called: “Looking to the Future”
This post was scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th. However due to violent spring thunder storms it was posted on 5/18/11
The very poignant thing about Amy Spivey’s reference photo  is that Madeleine and Tango have bonded together so tightly that Tango’s complete attention is on Madeleine. He is poised and waiting to see what she will request of him next. There is an important bond of trust there that will take this young mustang very far. Teaching a horse what is what and how to use his body is only part of it. The trust is what will make the horse excel and move into the future with every option of potential at his feet. Every thing a trainer and coach tries to do is to build that trust between horse and rider and to make them into a formidable and unflappable team. Both Tango and Watson are ready to move to that next level, still green and still experience and polish that time will give.. but they are ready to begin. The persons who adopt these two will be getting special horses indeed.
Robert Carlson and his new  Supreme Extreme
Makeover Mustang at the May 13th Clinic on
How to Start your Mustang.
Photo used by permission.
New Beginnings:
Friday May 13th was  a new beginning. Lots of new beginnings with these mustang Trainers. That morning Madeleine LeClerc and Robert Carlson picked up their three Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover horses that will be exhibited in competition in September.  This time there are a few twists in the training program.
First of all they adopted these three mustangs outright. And they are beautiful! Robert’s horse is an awesomely built athletic black horse from Tobin Range HMA in North West Nevada. This beautiful spirited horse comes from one of the most isolated HMAs and is as wild as a mustang can be. He is presenting all sorts of challenges. However, he is making progress with each day that passes.
Madeleine’s horse is a sweet faced beauty of a roan mare also from Nevada. She is progressing nicely. However I think the surprise horse is the amazing chestnut mare they bid on at the last moment. This little mare is very desensitized to humans and according to Madeleine it only took 5 min to teach her to lead.
I think that knowing where the wild horse comes from is very important when adopting a mustang. It helps a lot to talk with people who have adopted from that HMA.  Horses in the more accessible HMA’s have some knowledge of humans and are sometimes less frightened and trust easier in training.

Madeleine LeClerc on
Tango, prepping for the
Ft Collins Makeover
Photo used by permission.

So now Madeleine and Robert are on their way to competing with these three horses in The Supreme Mustang Makeover, after 4 months of training they will compete for prizes worth $50,000. Pretty awesome!
But here is the really cool thing: Starting on May 13th R&M Mustang Program held the first in a series of monthly Clinics to show people how to start and train their Mustangs.  These are open to the public and have a reasonable fee associated with the participation. You can come, see how the training is done and it will not only help you understand and overcome the challenges in handling a  wild horse, but it will give  you a information you can even use with your domestic horses as well. 
Here are the next 4 Clinics being hosted by R&M Performance Horses:

To Find out more about the clinics and to follow all the Mustangs currently in training you can go to  the R&M Mustang Program on Facebook.

Just word of caution:
If you have never trained or worked around a horse before, a few sessions of a clinic will not give you the experience you need to handle a wild horse safely and humanely. It is always advisable to have a professional do the ground work and guide you through the process for the sake of the horse as well as your safety. Madeleine and Robert are not only experienced horsemen and trainers who have worked with domestic horses of many different breeds, they are also approved TIP trainers for wild horses through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Madeleine is also an experienced riding instructor and coach. Both Robert and Madeleine have excelled in a variety of Horse disciplines on all levels. If you want a wild horse,  Experienced Trainers like Robert and Madeleine are the kind of winning combination you need to get the most out of your mustang.
Photography  Provided by Lightning Bug Creek Photography for the Mustang A Day Challenge.
Please check out their page and photography Specials. Amy Spivey of Lightning Bug Creek Photography will be at R&M Performance Mustang Clinics and also the Ft Collins Extreme Mustang Make over event  You can contact her through her  Facebook page prior to the events for photographic services.!/LBCPhotography

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