Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mother's Day Week on Sand Wash Basin HMA Challenge Painting #100

It just seems appropriate that horse 100 is one of the Mares from Jet’s Band at Sand Wash Basin HMA.

Zephyr and Kinstry
9 by 6 inch Watercolor
by LindaLMartinArtist
Jet was the first horse I painted in the Mustang A Day Challenge. Just prior to the 2008 roundup by the BLM, Jet had arguably the most mares on the Sand Wash Basin Range. The number that was quoted to me was 15 horses, which included 6 mares and their offspring.

Jet Painting #1
Band Stallion to Zephyr and Kinstry.
Zephyr was documented in Jets Band
since prior to the 2008 BLM/HSUS
Roundups. Read more about Jet Here:
Band Stallion Jet 
 In this day and age of frequent removals and round ups, in which family groups are not kept  together in many cases and especially with the number of available mares limited, a band that large is rare if it attains that size at all. Generally, family groups on the range are about  3 to 8 horses  in size. Family groups usually include the mares and their current foals, a yearling foal and on occasion a two year old foal for each mare that is with the stallion. As of   April 2010 Nancy Roberts counted 10 horses in  Jets band plus the foals.
The Grulla Mare, Zephyr, had a beautiful Dun filly in April 2010. The Filly was named in June  2010 during a visit to with Horse Management Area by Kathy Mckinstry( BLM Horse Specialist), and the Colorado Environmental Coalition members as  Nancy helped them in their horse watching activities as part of a tour. On that day and much to Kathy McKinstry’s  pleasure,  the little dun filly was named by Nancy : Kinstry.
According to most reports, Ms. Mckinstry is as passionate about the management and well being of these Sand Wash Basin Horses as we are. It must be said that it is very hard work indeed trying to juggle the well being of the horses one manages, with the edicts of upper level policy makers, and the complaints of the general public. Naming the Filly after the Horse Specialist was just one way to honor Ms. McKinstry for her tireless efforts. Kinstry is one more horse face with a name that will not be forgotten or become invisible in a sea of red tape and wild horses.

You can follow Nancy Roberts as she blogs about her documenting efforts and read her story about how she became involved in the effort.

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